Comic Artist wanted - 8 pages, 30$ per page.

(Se non leggete l'inglese, siete già inadatti, sorry)

Looking for ONE artist to do an 8-page job.

  • Able to read and write English.
  • Has a quite realistic/U.S. superheroes style. No cartoons or manga styles for this project. Maybe next time. ^_-
  • Able to draw athletic men with good anathomy.
  • Able to draw nice and beautiful girls (not oversexualized dolls).
  • Able to read a script and compose a full page of sequential art.
  • Able to prepare the final page in hi-res format with clear linearts and closed areas, ready for easier coloring job.
  • Able to write good, clear e-mails and to answer at least in 2 days when urgent stuff comes up.
  • Able to show us via e-mail the work in progress at different stages: layouts, pencils, inks...
  • ...and able to withstand costructive criticism and make corrections when required at any stage.

BEWARE: if you don't have some comic pages done to show us, you'll be required to do one. But I think that, if you're able to do all of the above, you'll have some DOZENS to show! ^_-

NOT a requirement:
  • photorealism (we want art, not photos with your art over it)
  • coloring

Is that too much? I don't think so, I know there's A LOT of good people out there!. ^_-

The artist will have his/her work printed on the very first Bluejaye issue, and will recieve 30 US$ per page when the job's done: if PayPal is ok for you, then we don't care where you live. U.S.A. and European Union citizens will probably have no problems even without PayPal, we'll figure a way).

Characters are by Gabe Dill
Script will be by Mattia Bulgarelli (that's me!)

Gabe & Mattia will be the ONLY ones to tell who the chosen artist will be.

Check out these artist's pages, too!
This is going to be a project you'll be proud to show around.

Pages 1-8 will be by Antonio Garcia
Pages 17-24 will be by Emanuela Lupacchino
Colors by Francesca Zambon
Cover by Michela Da Sacco

If you want to apply, contact me at korinduval (AT) yahoo (DOT) com!

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